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Child Support Modification

Experienced San Jose Child Support Modification Lawyer

Santa Clara Child Custody Attorney

The Family Justice Center Courthouse

California courts recognize the need for modifying child support, child custody and visitation, and spousal support judgments. And throughout life, individuals and families go through changes that necessitate modifications.

Since 1994, attorney Sandra McManus has represented clients in post-decree modifications. To find out more about your options for modifying a final decree, contact our law office Link to Contact Us in San Jose.



Post-Decree Modifications

  • Child custody modifications — A significant change in circumstances must be shown in order for a child custody modification to be approved by the court. This may include a change in a parent’s ability to provide care for child, relocation for a job, or change in educational needs of child.
  • Visitation modifications — For the court to approve a visitation modification, a significant change in circumstances must be shown. This could include parental relocation or a job change affecting the visitation schedule.
  • Child support modifications — The parent paying child support is responsible for making payments even after job loss or a reduction in pay. Even if parents have made a verbal agreement to decrease the payment amount, it is necessary to go through the court system to legally establish the change.
  • Spousal support modifications — Court approval must be obtained before alimony payments can be modified or terminated, as there is no automatic termination of alimony. The spouse paying alimony can seek a modification or termination of alimony after half the length of the marriage. The process of modifying a final decree can be complex. Our firm is here to help you
    through the necessary legal steps and to understand your options.

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