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Family Law and Divorce​

San Jose Family Lawyer

Santa Clara County Family Law Attorney

The Law Offices of Sandra J. McManus concentrate on providing reliable advice and skilled representation in family law and divorce matters to people in San Jose and throughout Santa Clara County. Family law attorney provides compassionate and experienced counsel in family law and divorce cases involving:

  • Child Custody and Visitation: We concentrate on doing what is best for our clients and their children, representing clients in child custody and visitation disputes and taking cases to court when necessary to protect their child’s best interests.

  • Child and Spousal Support: Using well reasoned techniques, our divorce lawyer can use a person’s current income and standard of living to determine what child support and spousal support should be, and we will fight hard to make that amount a reality.

  • Paternity Matters: Establishing paternity is of critical importance, and we can help to ensure that children and fathers have their legal rights upheld. We can help you successfully navigate the process.

  • Modifications: We assist clients in post-decree modifications of child custody, visitation, child support and spousal support.

  • Property Division: We have extensive experience in simple and complex property division matters involving a wide variety of assets, including retirement benefits, stock options, bank accounts, houses, cars, and more. Our divorce law firm will work with skill and dedication to see that your vital financial interests are protected in a divorce.

  • Domestic Violence / Restraining Orders: We represent both victims of domestic violence who are seeking a restraining order, and individuals who have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence.

  • Mediation Services: Ms. McManus also conducts mediation between parties who believe they can reach an agreement without going to court. She has an excellent reputation for her ability to facilitate mutually beneficial agreements and amicable resolution of family law disputes.

  • Consultation Work: Ms. McManus is available to continue to work with clients as a consulting attorney after the initial consultation to review and draft documents. These services are available on an hourly basis.

  • Limited Scope: Ms. McManus offers “unbundling services” such as appearing on a limited scope basis only as an alternative to fully retaining her for the duration of your case. If you feel that you need representation for one specific area of your case or for a specific hearing while you continue to represent yourself throughout the rest of the case then Limited Scope services would apply to you. Ms. McManus’ retainer fees for these type of services are available at a reduced rate depending on what services are needed.

We also help people pursue, and defend against, motions to modify prior orders for child support, custody, visitation, and/or spousal support. With experience as a family law and divorce attorney, judge pro tem, and mediator since 1994, Ms. McManus has the skills needed to protect your rights and interests — you can trust her in and out of court.

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Please contact us with any questions, or to set up a free half-hour consultation with our divorce lawyer (excluding mediation services). We maintain a warm office atmosphere and enjoy helping people through difficult times.

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