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San Jose, California Consulting Attorney

Santa Clara County Limited Scope Representation Lawyer

As with any major decision, having options when faced with a legal issue is a valuable thing. Family law attorney Sandra McManus provides several options to clients who need limited or focused legal representation.

During a free 30-minute consultation, our firm will explain your legal options which may include recommending the following options:

  • Consulting attorney

  • Consulting attorney during mediation

  • Limited scope attorney

These options may help you save time and money as you seek to resolve your legal matter. Find out more about these options below:

Counsel From a Consulting Attorney

If after your free 30-minute consultation you still need information or want us to review or draft documents, attorney McManus is available on an hourly basis. She can work with you as a consulting attorney, which allows you to still represent yourself but also have experienced counsel to guide you. Our goal is to help facilitate the completion of work that parties are working on together.

Attorney Counsel During Mediation

Many people choose mediation as a way to resolve family law matters in an amicable and cost-effective manner. While individual parties are working with a mediator to resolve a property division or child custody dispute, it is beneficial to also work with an attorney to ensure that legal rights are fully protected. Attorney McManus can act as a consulting attorney during divorce mediation to review marital settlement agreements and other court documents, and provide further legal assistance as needed.

Limited Scope Representation / Unbundled Legal Services

Attorney Sandra McManus offers unbundled legal services as a limited scope attorney. She is able to come in to assist with one specific legal issue or a motion, excluding trial. If you choose to hire Ms. McManus as a limited scope attorney, a retainer will be quoted. This is a cost-effective choice for people who need the assistance of an attorney for a certain, specific legal issue.

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