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Property Division​

Santa Clara County Property Division Lawyer

San Jose Asset Division Attorney

Attorney Sandra McManus has extensive experience dividing complex estates in divorce proceedings. She analyzes assets and identifies whether property is separate or community property, which depends on when and how the property was acquired.

At the Law Offices of Sandra J. McManus, we help divorcing clients inventory, value and divide assets including:

  • The marital home

  • Business assets

  • Credit lines

  • Savings accounts

  • Pension and retirement plans

  • Art and collectibles

The Family Justice Center Courthouse, located at 201 N. First Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Our property division services usually focus on larger, more complex estates, in which the skill of a knowledgeable attorney is needed to negotiate or litigate a positive agreement. Ms. McManus advises that you avoid the cost of hiring a lawyer just to divide your small personal property items (i.e., pots and pans), and we recommend that you attend binding arbitration, which is a free service offered through the Family Court.

In all family law and divorce matters, Ms. McManus believes that settling outside of court is often in our clients’ best interests. 

When possible, we can help you come to agreement on property division issues through mediation and negotiation. These options can help you save time, money and a stressful trial, but Ms. McManus and our firm are ready to take any case to court if the situation requires it.

Contact A Skilled Lawyer For Property Division

To learn more about the division of assets in a California divorce and schedule a free 30- minute consultation with an experienced attorney, please contact us online or call our office in San Jose at 408-293-6383.

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